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A privately owned, independent oil & gas producer located in Farmington, New Mexico

Originally established as a consulting firm in 1959 by Tom Dugan, and incorporated in the State of New Mexico in 1961, Dugan Production Corporation quickly expanded from strictly contract pumping and consulting into drilling, exploration and production. The company currently owns and operates approx. 1000 wells in the Four Corners, with working interests in over 2,800 wells located in New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas.

Tom Dugan at IPAA Meeting 045

Dugan Production is also engaged in trading new and used oilfield equipment under the names of Potwin Supply Company and Atomi Corp. The primary activity to generate income remains the production of oil and gas, which is enhanced by continuing acquisitions of undeveloped leases and producing properties. We have expanded operations to include workover rigs, water hauling, and a roustabout service, primarily supporting our own activities.

We presently have over 185 employees, approximately 40 of which have over 15 years of service. Dugan attributes much of its growth and success to the ability to take marginal wells and restore them to profitable production, and most importantly, hiring of loyal and skilled employees.

Tsah Tah SWD #1. Photo by Enoch Garris

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